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Our Services

Aikora Health connect investors with companies, founders and scientists in the health tech, genomics, and regenerative medicine sectors. Our key focus is on longevity tech with the potential to transform healthcare and human aging. We provide information relating to the biotech and increasingly important longevity space, in addition to helping founders of biotech and longevity companies to network with investors.

Aikora Health host regular private networking events, which provide the chance to meet and learn from the most influential figures in the growing longevity industry. Formats include private dining with a longevity-focused speaker and a carefully curated audience of 15-20 people, a group drawn from founders of longevity companies, scientists in the field, investors and thought leaders. These exclusive events are invitation only, often held in connection with large biotech and longevity industry conferences, and feature in-demand speakers in attendance from all over the world.

We frequently attend industry-specific conferences and events with a focus on longevity, from which we have successfully grown our network of entrepreneurs, scientists, and investors. The Aikora founders are also available for speaking engagements at longevity and biotech-focused events.

Aikora health are also available to organise and manage events on behalf of others, sourcing attendees and speakers. Please contact us if you would like more details.


Anastasiya Giarletta, Co-founder and CEO

Anastasiya Giarletta is the Co-Founder and CEO of Aikora Health, running an extensive network spanning both the financial services and rapidly growing longevity industries. As an expert in the early stage longevity ecosystem, she connects and advises venture funds, angels, and entrepreneurs, aligning them with success and growth.

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Sion Philpott--Morgan,


As a chartered statistician and data scientist, Siôn's expertise lies in biomedical data analytics, with a particular focus on the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence to the analysis of biological data.